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As a premium plantscape consultancy firm and plant rental, we offer a wide range of plant choices for events. When you rent plants for your trade show event, or your green filming project, you’re not just hiring pretty accessories. You’re hiring decorative features that can double as brand ambassadors, crowd management tools, and even health and safety features.

The Mars Mission study showed that plants are a powerful positive emotion "inducer" that can create genuine happiness that lasts for days. And another experiment shows that plants can reduce stress. This can make them particularly effective at trade shows, which can often feel frantic. Renting plants or adding trees or palms will help your visitors or clients stay positive, happy, and relaxed.

We have a passion for transforming indoor and outdoor locations with stunning plants, carefully planned interior plantscapes and worry-free commercial plant rental service programs that are tailored for each client. Drop us a quick note to let us know your requirements.

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